The Promise of New Life

New Life is calling for us.

We have been in the womb of the great ancient feminine wisdom for some time now and we will continue to do so for years to come.

And yet, there is something that we have conquered within ourselves that makes us ready for a new level of Divine self expression and service to the New Earth. We are being empowered by the Goddess for divine service. 

Yes, we need to be empowered as it is not a personal will that decides if we are ready or able to serve but rather our capacity to receive spiritual light without being combusted in the process. And we are ready for higher voltage!

Now, it may feel that other light workers, healers, coaches, intuitives, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, stylists, etc are already sharing themselves in ways that makes us feel discouraged or that we have missed the boat in some way. 

This is only Fear of New Life in disguise; fear that it will all be the same if you keep trying, but it just won’t. On the contrary, now is the point not to give up and summon you inner warrior. 

Because remember that  no-one can be you, no-one can share themselves in the world the way you can. And everyone is contracted at the soul level to help a certain number of souls in a way that only you can do and in ways that will contribute to the work of others as well. Just trust this.

There are indeed many light-workers and light leaders showing the way and helping to light up the souls of those who are ready to move into the New Earth and thrive. 

Does that mean that you are not needed, NO! We are all needed and must trust how SHE wants us to express ourselves in the world and what level of service we are able to undertake in every now moment. 

Healing ourselves, embodying more of our soul light and creating joy is already great service to this planet. 

Every moment where we choose not to apologise anymore for who we truly are, gives permission to others to step into their truth and destiny. 

It may be that we trigger someone who needs to undertake their own work or we may comfort and reassure others that all is well and they must not give up.

 There are a thousand ways in which we matter and we can be of service, which cannot be measured in IG followers and FB  likes. 

I was once told by a wise woman to really honour my wisdom and stop waiting until I  had climbed to the top of the mountain to trust myself and be of service, because by the time I would be at the top of the mountain the souls that I was supposed to help would not need me anymore.

You may only be one step ahead of your soul tribe and that is enough. Share yourself, your products, your ideas, your skills, your experience. Be messy, be willing to go through a lot of trial and error but take action. We need you, we really do.