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A Modern Day Oracle,
I bring forth Deep Feminine Wisdom and powerful intuitive guidance.

 I have no doubt that women of the West, supported by a strong and healthy masculine, are becoming the architects and visionaries of a new paradigm based on love, compassion, togetherness, shared resources and wholeness.

I am therefore dedicated to the creation of the New Earth and to be a guide for those who are ready to break free from the old patriarchal structures and rules.

My pledge is to lead by example and to anchor higher timelines;

I am continously learning to thrive by living an authentic, heart centred, delicious, kick ass life and by fully embodying my soul, unapologetically and fearlessly.

As was prophetised by many ancient cultures, we are living through an important transition time in the history of human evolution. It is not the end of the world but the end of a world as we knew it. We are getting collectively activated to access higher levels of consciouness.
And yes, I know that depending on which tinted glasses you use, you may find that the world currently looks pretty chaotic and desperate. But do not let yourself be fooled, for birth is always a messy process and we are indeed breaking free from many old conditioning that kept us playing small, rooted in fear and survival.

As I have gone through my own life journey which has been deeply anchored in reclaiming my essential self, I feel more and more grateful to have had the opportunity to become a sacred rebel with style! Through many initations and a deep calling within my heart, I have had many opportunites to break free over and over again from these limiting conditionings that kept me away from my power and my joy.

Today, my deepest heart desire is to be the creatrix of my own life and to fully embody my unique essence.

My magic recipe includes staying grounded deep in the earth, feeling nourished, moving slowly, staying present to what is unfolding in every moment,  listening deeply to the whisper of my womb, heart and soul. With that, I desire living in beauty, grace, simplicity and harmony with the cycles of nature and the moon.

My Soul purpose, as it is unfolding at this time, is to be a guide and mentor for the creatives, entrepreneurs and visionary souls who are ready to create the structures and foundation for a new paradigm. This includes the reclamation of the Sacred Feminine and the rebalancing of the Masculine to foster balance and wholeness in our inner and outer worlds. I endeavour to support women to become fully empowered and sovereign within their own body and lives, as they have been prophesied to be the key to a changing world.

My commitment is to honour all life, to serve for the highest good of all and to continue to pursue self- actualisation, i.e. living with purpose and in alignment with my deepest values.

Alongside the path of being an oracle, healer and teacher, I have chosen the path of motherhood which teaches me to be truly loving, humble, patient, compassionate, devotional and present like nothing else can do. ‪It will be no surprise that I also have a deep calling to support children, teenagers and young adults in their journey of life.

I have a dream that the younger generations learn to access the creative fire of their soul; a vision for another type of education where we teach children  self-mastery and soul mastery so that they can harness the power of the mind to serve Love and create the structures of the new world.

I am here to serve LOVE

My Story: Recovering my wild, authentic, Sacred Self.

Born in the South of France, I grew up in a beautiful land spending much time in the countryside or by the sea. I ate food from the local markets, played wildly under the sun and enjoyed the slower rhythms of the Mediterranean culture.

Beautiful and idyllic on some level, the reality of my life was not so delightful at all time. A very sensitive and introverted child, already very much attuned to the world of magic and the unseen, I struggled to feel emotionally safe most of my childhood and teenage years. This was not caused by a lack of love and care from my family but rather by the fact that my deeply feminine and spiritual   nature was at odd with the structures and ways of the world I was growing up in. There was no context for me to be mirrored in the fullness of my being and to know how to manage my highly psychic predisposition. 

Both my parents' upbringings were filled with the shadow of ancestors living through wars, abandonment, sickness and poverty. Their story was not unusual for their generation and made them very keen to access higher education to gain material and financial abundance, which they achieved brilliantly. The underlying desire was to create a home life that felt stable and loving, where they could raise their children and savour the beauty of life.

Naturally, my loving parents wanted their children to also access higher education in order to give us opportunities for success and a good life. The intellect was seen as the ultimate pathway to freedom and financial security. Not that creativity or the arts were not celebrated but being smart, self-responsible and hard working was a top requirement. 

It followed that my parents chose to push me a year ahead at school harnessing my keen intellect but underestimating the devastating effects that was going to have on my overly sensitive nature. 

Fast forward through my painful teenage years, I have indeed become a highly educated young woman with a Master in Finance and Economics working for a high profile investment bank in the city of London. Ahead of me, lies a golden road to success, the only caveat being that I felt constantly exhausted and with an emptiness that could not be filled by the glow of my outer life.

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So here I was in mid-twenties, successful, financially independent, living the dream in London and yet completely lost in my inner landscape. The wake up call came from the deep trauma of not being able to go forward with an unexpected pregnancy. The realisation of the power of a woman to carry and give life shook me to my very core. I was being called unconsciously by the depth and mystery of the Feminine. The voice of my soul could not be ignored anymore and I took the plunge, a big leap of faith by deciding to leave the world of banking. It was that time that I began the most amazing journey of reclaiming all the lost, abandoned and rejected parts of myself,  in search of wholeness, peace, joy and true fulfilment.

This journey has been filled with many challenges, a lot of trial and error, but my inner warrior spirit has always been determined to learn to know my true self, just as the famous Oracle of Delphi, in Greece, had offered as divine guidance to Socrates, the wisest man on earth.

I spent many years diligently exploring and reclaiming my latent knowledge of ancient esoteric traditions and healing arts as well as discovering what modern techniques and science had to say about the body/mind, energy fields and vibratory rates. In that process, I learned how to identify and transmute my emotional and ancestral wounds, care for and love myself deeply, learning how to thrive with a highly psychic and sensitive nature. I also reconnected to the feminine mysteries unraveling once again the energetics of being in a woman's body and the powerful wisdom of the heart.

I had to face many intense life initiations, often the greatest teachers, but I came to recover piece by piece, my authentic self, sovereign in my own body and connected to the depth of my feminine essence.

Aligning with my true nature helped me to make space for destiny to start finding me and to remember how to live life beyond fear and the conditioning of the patriarchal world. I have come to understand the unlimited power that lies dormant within all of us when we are willing to seek the truth and free ourselves from our ancestral and collective conditionings and limiting beliefs.

Today I live with my partner and two beautiful teenage children between London and the South of France. I travel regularly. I keep growing and learning. Each day is a chance to align more deeply to my truest expression, the light of soul and the wisdom of my heart so that I can savour the gift of life and contribute to the creation of the new earth.

Trainings & Qualifications

non exhaustive list of some of the teachings and trainings I have explored, some extensively with official qualifications at the end whilst others where moments of re-membering and explorative endeavours that supported the process of knowing myself at the deepest levels. I have had the blessing to be guided by some extra-ordinary mentors, healers, shamans who really helped me to shed anything that was in the way of my fullest expression. I have particular gratitude for my homeopathic teacher Colin Griffith who showed me the true power of homeopathy for our soul journey as well as my first healer shaman and guide Wendy Mandy who really shook me out of my numbness and smallness. I have also been deeply inspired by my shamanic teacher and artist Imelda Almqvist who shapes shift so easily between the worlds of seen and unseen, teaching me to journey in the world of Spirit so effortlessly and yet with great integrity and love. There is no doubt that Imelda was instrumental in helping me recover Oracle of Delphine and many more aspects of my soul essence. I am also grateful for Simon Buxton at the Sacred trust for initiating me into the power of shamanic ceremonies and making me discover nature as the visible face of Spirit. There is also my encounter with my first meditation teacher Vikas Malkani who activated my ancient knowing of meditative practices. And then there is my full awakening to the feminine principle with Alana Fairchild, Jumana Sophia, Deonesea Le Fey, Zulma Reyo. But the most extraordinaries allies have been on the other side of the veil and I have been blessed to reconnect to my spiritual teacher Master Choa Kok Sui through my trusted and most beloved mentor Birkan Tore. There has been many more influential support in my life and I feel immense gratitude for all of them, including my most treasured teachers, my parents, siblings, partner and children.

  • Feminine Mysteries with Zulma Reyo
  • Layla Martin - Sex; Love and relationship coaching training- current
  • Her mystery School with Jumana Sophia
  • Luminary with Soul Alchemist Samiel Carolina
  • Tantra Priestess school with Sofia Sundari
  • Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring TM accreditation from Alana Fairchild
  • Shamanic Training with author and teacher Imelda Almvqvist
  • Shamanic Studies at the Sacred trust - England
  • Master of Meditation, Soulcentre, Singapore
  • Three Principles Professional Training, Ian Watson, London
  • Trust Your Vibe Certified Practitioner with Sonia Choquette, London
  • BSc in Homeopathy from Middlesex University
  • MSc in Finance, Strathclyde University, Scotland
  • Master in Business, EM-Lyon, France
  • BSc in Monetary Economics, University Paris- Dauphine

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