Delphine is an intuitive, healer and teacher.

She is devoted to guide and empower individuals and groups throughout the world to align with their highest Self and live a heart centred, abundant & purposeful life.  

 Delphine has an ancient soul connection to Divine Feminine and belongs to a lineage of Oracles and Priestesses.  Delphine’s soul wisdom is rich and also includes a deep connection to the the Kuan Yin Lineage. 

 Delphine initially studied business and holds a Master’s degree in Finance & Economics.  Although Delphine was employed by a prestigious  financial institution, she quickly realised that her soul was crushed and left her promising career for a more fulfilling life. Always fascinated by the human psyche and the inner mysteries, Delphine has dedicated herself to the exploration of spiritual teachings to continue to grow her soul wisdom and be in service.

 Delphine has travelled extensively throughout the world and learned from many teachers some well known others less well known but equally amazing. She has been studying within various mystery schools including Tibetan tantric Buddhism, Western mysteries and Egyptian Mysteries.

Delphine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathy from Middlesex University, London. She is a fully certified shamanic practitioner trained by teacher and author Imelda AlmqvistDelphine was blessed to learn from and travel with Divine Feminine teacher Alana Fairchild. She is a licensed practitioner of her channelled healing modality Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring. Delphine has trained with Trust your Vibes author Sonia Choquette. She also been mentored by Angel mystic Birkan Tore, allowing her to refine her psychic skills to a whole new level. Delphine is also trained in the cutting edge healing modality Pranic Healing and is an Arhatic student.

 Although Delphine has a wide and eclectic exposure to the healing arts and spiritual + esoteric teachings, she always endeavour to integrate and synthesis her experiences. 

Vision  for a New Earth

Oracle of Delphine, is born out of my vision for a New Earth, a deep inner knowing that we are all here, at this extraordinary time in our human evolution, to finally fully embody our authentic self and birth a new Golden Age for humanity.

This was prophesied by many ancient cultures and seers such as the Mayan civilisation who predicted the end of the world as we know it.  And indeed, we are coming to the end of a paradigm based primarily on the energy of fear, lack and survival. 

As we begin to collectively access higher levels of consciousness, we are called to co-create a new paradigm based on Love, compassion, wisdom, creative Intelligence, togetherness, prosperity consciousness, and most of all respect for all of our lives.

My Story


Daring to be an Oracle and Spiritual Mentor


I am deeply grateful for my soul journey even though it has required a relentless willingness to let go of attachments to pretty much everything, including relationships, places and beliefs systems about myself, my family, my life.

Growing up I could never have imagined that I would one day embody the archetypes of the oracle, priestess, healer and spiritual guide. And yet, my birth name Delphine bares a close connection to the famous Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece

 It took a lot of pretty intense initiations aka big life crisis for me to shake out of all the false identities and re write my story. It started with the highly sensitive psychic child that did not cope with the pressure of school, feeling different, easily upset and lonely a lot of the time. I was blessed with loving parents yet completely at loss with the world around me. I wanted to check out and live in my dream world. My teenage years started with a complete lack of boundaries leading to very unpleasant first experiences as a young woman. Back then, heartache, confusion, shame & guilt were my daily dance which I tried to compensate by being an academically high achiever.   

I have learned that our challenges forge our soul and give us opportunities to heal and  push us to birth our deeper, most authentic self.

I launched myself into the world by studying finance and economics, an unconscious attempt to maintain the connection  approval and love of my father. Beyond the need to have the recognition of the masculine, I discovered that my sense of worthiness was directly dictated by an old paradigm where success was defined in very limiting terms for the soul. It took an unexpected pregnancy and the shame + grief of terminating it to awaken the call of the goddess within me.  From that point onwards, my life started to change dramatically. My high profile job in finance and golden salary became very insignificant in comparison to my desire to heal and live a life that felt good to my soul. Even though I had worked very hard to land this career path and I was only in my twenties then, I took the plunge and left everything. I never looked back and despite many more initiations on the way, I have been living a life filled with Grace, Love, Magic and Abundance. There has been a lot of heart and soul healing on the path and the journey continues to bring me to new level of depth and embodiment. 




In my uttermost bones, I know something, as do you. It is that there can be no despair when you remember why you came to Earth, who you serve, and who sent you here. The good words we say and the good deeds we do are not ours: They are the words and deeds of the One who brought us here.

-Clarissa Pinkola Estes