Intuitive Channel for the Divine Feminine

Ready to fulfil your divine appointment with your soul?

Here to support your on your unique soul journey

Delphine is a modern day oracle, priestess and healer who helps individuals and groups internationally to align with their deeper truth, embody their essence, and share their gifts into the world.
Delphine teaches from a place of embodied experience, Love and deep compassion with a practical and no nonsense approach.

Delphine initially studied business and holds a Master’s degree in Finance & Economics as well as Master in Business from a top French Grande Ecole. After a few years working for a prestigious investment bank in London, Delphine felt called to make a radical change to live a more heart centred life whilst still creating abundance and making an impact.

Delphine has travelled extensively throughout the world and learned from many teachers some well known others less well known but equally amazing.
Delphine's spiritual lineage is multifaceted and multidimensional but all rooted in the Love-Wisdom path.

Delphine has devoted the last twenty years to reclaiming and re-awakening the Divine Feminine as an essential aspect of the current evolution of consciousness on the earth plane. As a Magdalene- Isis Priestess, Delphine offers refuge in sacred space for those who need to heal on deep level and reclaim full sovereignty over their body-mind and soul.

Delphine holds a Bachelor's degree in Homeopathy from Middlesex University UK
She is also a certified shamanic healer having done her apprenticeship with Imelda Almqvist and at the Sacred Trust in Dorset, UK.
Delphine is an advanced facilitator of the Saraswati Healing modality by Alana Fairchild.
Delphine is also a certified Pranic healer, within the lineage of Buddha Kuan Yin and the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui.
Delphine has also trained extensively within several feminine mystery schools.
Delphine has mentored 1:1 on the Diamond Path with Author of You are A Goddess Sophie Bashford.
She has trained in various feminine mystery schools with a special interest in sacred sexuality, self-love, sacred marriage and relationships dynamics.
Delphine has developed and re-awakened and embodied the full expression of her oracular gifting through the guidance of internationally known Angel Intuitive and spiritual teacher Giselle ( previously known as Birkan Tore).


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My Story

Daring to Embody fully my Light

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be incarnate at this time on the earth.

My journey has taught me to embrace everything with equanimity and a deep trust in the love of the universe.

In order to BE-come the truest expression of my inner light, I have had to step into the fire of transformation over and over again. This is meant having to let go of attachments to pretty much everything, including relationships, places and beliefs systems about myself, my family, my life.

Growing up I could never have imagined that I would one day embody the archetypes of the oracle, priestess, healer and spiritual guide. And yet, my birth name Delphine bares a close connection to the famous Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece

I went through many challenges for me to shake out of all the false identities and re write my story. It started with the highly sensitive psychic child that did not cope with the pressure of school, feeling different, easily upset and lonely a lot of the time. I was blessed with loving parents yet completely at loss with the world around me.

I wanted to check out and live in my dream world. My teenage years started with a complete lack of boundaries leading to very unpleasant first experiences as a young woman. Back then, heartache, confusion, shame & guilt were my daily dance which I tried to compensate by being an academically high achiever.

I have learned that our challenges forge our soul and give us opportunities to heal and push us to birth our deeper, most authentic self.

I launched myself into the world by studying finance and economics, an unconscious attempt to maintain the connection  approval and love of my father. Beyond the need to have the recognition of the masculine, I discovered that my sense of worthiness was directly dictated by an old paradigm where success was defined in very limiting terms for the soul. It took an unexpected pregnancy and the shame + grief of terminating it to awaken the call of the goddess within me.

From that point onwards, my life started to change dramatically. My high profile job in finance and golden salary became very insignificant in comparison to my desire to heal and live a life that felt good to my soul.

Even though I had worked very hard to land this career path and I was only in my twenties then, I took the plunge and left everything. I never looked back and despite many more initiations on the way, I have been living a life filled with Grace, Love, Magic and Abundance.

There has been a lot of heart and soul healing on the path and the journey continues to bring me to new level of depth and embodiment.

Delphine Rose Intuitive

I wanted to share with you what an incredibly powerful journey these past weeks have been, and how amazingly supportive and expansive it was for me.

Your presence and light helped to create a radiant group space that was so nurturing and beautiful, and it was a true pleasure to be there each week and to participate in the unfolding of the template.

You created a sanctuary for healing, for remembering, and for empowerment, and I'm so grateful that I was a part of it. 

Aodaoin Hathway
Healer, Seer, Teacher, Dances with the Dragon

"Delphine is a true modern day Oracle holding the torch of the Divine Feminine ways of seeing, feeling and knowing.

She enlivens the sacred in her own life, and is able to see beyond the veils into soul dimensions.
Delphine has a strong gift to see deeply into others and her oracle readings will inspire, nourish, and mirror your essence.
Her warm compassionate heart, wise being, oracular transmissions and fierce commitment to her soul path, is an inspiration for modern day women of our time."

Nicole Hemmer, author Soul on Fire