The Love & Wisdom Path

The divine feminine 


Awakening, healing and working with The Feminine

Humanity is currently experiencing a spiritual re-balancing of the Feminine and Masculine energies within our beings and within the earth.

Irrespective of our gender or where we identify on the gender spectrum, anyone can benefit from working with the Divine Feminine to bring healing to the body and to open our heart to Love, Grace, Mercy, and Compassion.

The archetypal energy of the Divine Feminine is represented by the Goddess Consciousness and The Divine Mother.

The Feminine loves, nourishes, protects, and bring us together in community.

Deep Feminine Wisdom can be mysterious and difficult to understand when coming from the intellect. The Feminine moves with the body, speaks with the heart, and is deeply creative and intuitive.

Working with the Divine Feminine is vast and can touch your life in many ways including deep emotional healing, having a core sense of self, becoming more receptive and more magnetic.

The Divine Feminine will awaken your heart and bring you closer to your sacred life purpose. 

Divine Feminine Awakening

Activate the Love Within

This is for you if you want:

  1. to develop genuine Self Love and open the heart

  2. to heal any mother’s wound issue especially fear of abandonment 

  3. to heal your emotions and soul with love and compassion

  4. to develop your intuition

  5. to become more creative

  6. learn to listen deeply

  7. connect with Goddesses Archetypes

Sacred Sexuality

Unleash a powerful source of energy

This is a beautiful path of empowerment and awakening to your true nature. 

It is for you if you want:

  1. to heal shame, trauma, guilt, lack of pleasure and any other blocks to a healthy sexuality.

  2. if you want to develop an authentic expression of your sexuality.

  3. if you want to feel empowered and desirable.

  4. if you want to learn how to cultivate this energy safely not just for pleasure but for increased energy and spiritual awakening.

The art of conscious relationships

The joy of Intimacy

This is the part where you get to experience the joy of an open heart in your relationship with others. It is for you if you want:

  1. to heal dysfunctional relationship patterns.

  2. heal your current relationship

  3. experience more intimacy

  4. learn to face the shadow side of relationships skilfully and consciously.

  5. learn energetic tool to maintain satisfying relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How do I know if I am ready to work with the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine speaks through your heart. You will just feel drawn to the Feminine.
You could feel drawn to a particular Goddess or to the Divine Mother.
You may also feel that it is time to heal your relationship to your body and increase your self love.
You may want to heal your sexuality and your intimate relationships.
Or you may feel a need for the sacred feminine face of spirituality.
You may want to dance, create, write, sing, heal.
All are the call of the Divine Feminine and she welcomes you.

Is the Divine Feminine Work different from Intuitive Coaching?

The Divine Feminine work is part of Intuitive Coaching. I always work with the sacred feminine but here you choose to focus on particular themes.

Should I do a Healing or an Intuitive Reading before working with the Divine Feminine?

The divine feminine packages include healing however you may want to do a separate intuitive reading.
A reading is really a stand alone offering to receive focused guidance on what you most need to hear at this point in your life to take the next step on your soul journey,

How many sessions will I need when working with the Divine Feminine?

The Sacred Feminine will unfold your life in the perfect way for you.
It is not an end destination but rather a transformation in your way of seeing and being in the world.
My clients tend to take a package of sessions to start the deep work of transformation and come back when they need to explore something that has come up in their life from the perspective of the feminine or when they need to reset, nourish and restore.
The Sacred Feminine is very fluid and you can choose to Taylor to your need.

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