Enough Work

And then enough, enough work, enough mental bulimia, I take a break.

I see the snow and the open landscape
I see myself looking around the mountains, absorbing the fresh air
the open space, the immensity of the sky,
am sitting at the center of the universe

I see everything spinning and stay centered
I become tree
I become old, an old oak tree who has seen everything, witnessed many lives I root deeper into the earth
I root so deeply

I am strong
I am present
I am deep into the earth
deeper into the earth

I walk in silence, make space
I stop
I am not seeking or learning anything
no book, no articles, no social medias

I am walking and communing with the world soul
I see, I know and I allow for Truth, for Clarity for Vision

I walk deeper longer
In the silence I hear everything
the beat of the universe

I surrender
I spend time alone
I see Sprits, guides, they rush into me,
they speak to me,
they ask that I listen
that I make space and trust some more

they ask that I lean into their presence, their support
their knowing

Can I dare to drop all that I think I need to do
can I drop

I am safe
I am safe on the other side

Sprit is calling
Can I dare to hear
Can I dare to let it go
all, all of it

I see myself in the unseen world
I see Sprits, all knowing rushing into the core, into the centre
why did you ever want lessons and courses to give you access to the knowing that is right there is that silence,

Nature is the visible face of spirit
Nature is the visible space of Spirit