Awaken & Activate the Divine Feminine

Online self paced and live Divine feminine channelled courses

Time to be fully Embodied and Fully Sovereign

Channelled Divine Feminine Courses

These courses are unique in that they are truly created in co-creation with my Highest Self and my Guides.

Everything that I teach and facilitate is offered from a place of deep soul truth and embodied experience.

As such, these offerings are a steeped into the cauldron of life initiations and the remembering of many life times connected to the Goddess Frequency and being in service of the Divine Mother.


Magdalene Embodied

A sacred 6 weeks journey through the wisdom and healing power of the Divine Feminine

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Goddess Isis Mysteries

Connect with the Goddess of renewal, healing and magic from Ancient Egypt. An alchemical journey releasing darkness and shame in order to embody your light.

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Priestess Awakening

Learn to heal and activate your inner priestess to deepen and strengthen your resolve to serve and share your unique gifts into the world

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The Divine Feminine brings us the quintessential nurturing energy which is so needed in a world where exhaustion on all levels has become an epidemic


The Divine Feminine awakening takes us into a journey of deep body-soul and heart healing with Grace and Compassion


As we nurture ourselves back into wholeness and heal at soul level, we learn to reclaim our soul sovereignty as our birthright leading to true empowerment

Online courses

What Participants are saying

Beautifully guided by one the rarest of gems on this earth, Delphine, one gains a truly deep embodiment of the immense power, lessons, and wisdom this course has to offer. Delphine’s compassion, love and nurturing hand is the perfect catalyst to shoot you towards true empowerment. Never before did I think that I would feel so much internal and external power through working with the Divine Feminine - especially as a man.  ALI JUDEH

The Mary Magdalene Journey with Delphine is a process of immersion in the Magdalene priestess lineage that is unlike any other available. This sacred work and this sacred circle are held in a space of such reverence and love by Delphine through the twelve weeks, offering opportunities for deep and lasting transformation in all realms. You are met exactly where you are on your own path, and seen and welcomed as the divine being that you are in a loving, safe temple space.

Through her channellings, her healings and her teachings, Delphine is a alchemical guide along the journey to what truly feels like the original Magdalene blueprint: a place of inner empowerment, of sacred embodiment, of light, of joy, and of the manifestation of your own beautiful spirit in the physical. AODAOIN HATHWAY- Dances with the Dragons.