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Togerther we Rise and Shine

Join my. 6 months Multi-Dimensional Journey to Actively Elevate your life and Contribute with your Sacred Offerings
The World needs your Beauty, Magic and Unique Gifts now

A 6 months Multidimensional journey for those who are ready to share their gifts in the world

Coaching, Channeled Transmissions, Light Codes Activations and Deep Spiritual Healing

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I wanted to share with you what an incredibly powerful journey these past weeks have been, and how amazingly supportive and expansive it was for me.

Your presence and light helped to create a radiant group space that was so nurturing and beautiful, and it was a true pleasure to be there each week and to participate in the unfolding of the template.

You created a sanctuary for healing, for remembering, and for empowerment, and I'm so grateful that I was a part of it. 

Aodaoin Hathway
Healer, Seer, Teacher, Dances with the Dragon

"Delphine is a true modern day Oracle holding the torch of the Divine Feminine ways of seeing, feeling and knowing.

She enlivens the sacred in her own life, and is able to see beyond the veils into soul dimensions.
Delphine has a strong gift to see deeply into others and her oracle readings will inspire, nourish, and mirror your essence.
Her warm compassionate heart, wise being, oracular transmissions and fierce commitment to her soul path, is an inspiration for modern day women of our time."

Nicole Hemmer, author Soul on Fire