Goddess Isis Official Workshop

Connect with the Healing Goddess of Ancient Egypt
Experience the Power of Courage, Hope and Renewal


A Sacred Workshop to Heal your Soul Through Divine Energy and Spiritual Protection

Channelled Energetic Templates
Guided Visualisation And Healing Meditation
A Supportive And Loving Group Environment

The Goddess Isis Template is an energetic template channelled by Alana Fairchild as part of her Saraswati TM modality. ( previously Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring)

The Purpose of the Goddess Isis template is to heal the clutches of darkness that has its roots in the shadow aspect of ancient Egyptian culture and to restore Hope, Spiritual Protection, Divine Blessing of Love, Purity and Liberation.

The Goddess Isis template is created through precise invocations, words and actions using sacred geometry to create a specific high frequency energy field. The template allows for the downpour of spiritual energy in a safe and potent way.

I know from experience and from studying esoteric teachings that it is extremely important to use spiritual technology with care to avoid negative side effects including damaging the physical or energy body.

As a licensed practitioner of SGSM, I have worked extensively with the templates. I have found this modality to be rooted in solid, high quality esoteric teachings and clearly channelled from unconditionally loving Higher Guidance which has led me to use them for my group mentoring and coaching programs.

This work is for you if:

☥ You want to dive into the sacred feminine by connecting or reconnecting with the Goddess Isis and the Egyptian Mysteries

☥  You want to strengthen your resolve and anchor more of your soul light into the world.

☥  You want to shift out of self doubt and amallness within yourself, your realtionships, and your life.

☥ You want to heal from the loss, heartbreak, betrayal and abandonment.

☥ You want to get more clarity on your soul path and strengthen your feminine intuition.

☥ You want to connect with other beloved souls who walk the path of Divine Feminine.

☥ You love the Goddess Isis Oracle cards by Alana Fairchild

☥ You love working with the magical realm of Spirit yet want to feel safe and protected knowing that the work is done with the highest level of integrity and under genuine spiritual guidance.

Practical Details

New Moon Ritual

Connect with the Healing Goddess of Ancient Egypt
Experience the Power of Courage, Hope and Renewal.


Every Month for the New Moon. 

☥ We meet  at 8pm France time; 7pm Uk time;2 pm EST

☥ Each session is 2 hours online zoom

☥ You do not need any previous experience.

☥ We will go through an Isis Template each week exploring an aspect of the sacred feminine that needs attention, healing, integration and empowerment as per the needs of the group and spiritual guidance.

☥ We will reflect, exchange, and be together in sacred space.

£33 entry fee for the Isis template open to all on the  New Moon each month