I am an Idealist

I am an Idealist

I take full responsibility for it.

I dont want it to be any other way.

I am an idealist, 

that is what others will call you if you chase your dreams and dare to imagine life beyond fear, worries, insecurities, responsibilities, weight, money, culture, politics, the economy, or any other circumstances and perceived limitations.


I am an idealist.

I am at odds with the current structures that the modern world is built upon.

I don’t need to reject anything, I don’t need to polarise and project anger and grief on some evil out there.

I certainly don’t feel like I fit in but I absolutely know that I belong.

And I don’t want it any other way.


I am an idealist.

How did the world ever change and evolve, if it were not for those who dared to dream, imagine and create something different?

This is not about perfection or even less about wanting to control life but rather about living beyond one level of reality.

This is about the original self untamed and unlimited.


I am an idealist.

I will continue to chase my dreams of a world that thrives on love and trust.

I will continue to choose to educate my children with what feels true to my heart.

I will continue to seek to create the depth of intimacy that defies all cultural norms that defines intimate relationships.

I will continue to be inner directed and in service of the return of the Feminine.

I will continue to get up and try again and again to experiment with my life however messy and chaotic.

I will keep making mistakes and cry profusely whenever I feel am getting nowhere and getting it all wrong. 

But I am an idealist, and I don’t want it to be any other way because there would be nothing worse to me than wondering what if…?… and not  jumping beyond the question mark to find out the answer…