Awaken Your Inner Priestess

Empowered Truth

The World needs your Beauty, Magic and Unique Gifts now

Activate the Inner Priestess 5D Codes

December has a particular liminal quality as we prepare for the return of the Light at the Solstice on the 21st of December. In Arthurian mythos this is the time when the Knight, the Divine Masculine, undertakes his heroic journey, meeting the inner dragons to find his true power and Kingship. On his return, the hero will be knighted by the High Priestess as she embodies the Goddess herself.

The mythos calls for our own inner quest, meeting our darkness in order to reclaim our true inner spiritual power. The Inner Priestess guides us through dark and light. She is the archetype that once empowered supports our embodied presence and our unique soul path.

You are warmly invited to enter the realm of the priestess through this three part workshop and prepare for the Winter Solstice to receive the Christ-light.

The Calling

During this time of great chaos, and accelerated ascension on the earth plane, the Inner Priestess energy is awakening within our hearts, irrespective of where we identify on the gender spectrum.

The Inner Priestess is the channel between heaven and earth who anchors the light whilst remaining fully embodied in her own life.

The Inner Priestess knows how to maintain a powerful alignment following her soul and authentic truth in every moment.

The Inner Priestess is fierce and devoted to the path of Love, holding sacred feminine wisdom as her most precious compass.

The Inner Priestess is devoted to serving the evolution in consciousness; her many roles are always in support of helping those in her realm of influence to stay connected to the Divine Within.

The Inner Priestess is not manipulated by illusions, lies and the glamours of the outside world. She knows where to source her self-worth and how to see the beauty within others.

Join Delphine Rose Lumiere as she facilitates the Awaken Your Inner Priestess gourd Mentoring as part of the Saraswati Modality. Delphine is an advanced trained facilitator, a modern-day priestess, Oracle and Healer with many years If not lifetimes of experience.


Empowering truth and leading with the heart

Awaken Your Inner Priestess is an invitation to journey into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries entering the realm of the Liminal and the potency of being a true channel between Heaven and Earth


Mutli-dimensional Temple Space

During each session you will be invited to enter a very potent multi-dimensional sacred space where the healing and transformation can easily happen. We will also activate the Inner Priestess Template channelled by one of my beloved teachers, Alana Fairchild.

Delphine 2021

Love your Inner Goddess Oracle Card Reading

let yourself descend into the underworld and be regenerated for the most powerful healing that is available to you right now. this is for those who are willing to face their shadow self and claims their true spiritual power. It is both gentle and activating. You will feel this resonating in your heart space and will recognise the call of the Divine Mother and her Beloved Sacred Feminine channel the earth herself

Delphine 2021

Inner Priestess Light Codes Activation

Activate your unique Priestess 5D codes and Lineage remembrance.

The  priestess codes have been protected from being abused during the long journey underground of the goddess. the time has now come to remember and to u-level with the new codes of the modern day priestess which is here to serve in this time of great awakening


Supportive Circle with your soul family

Sisterhood and brother hood can be a buzz word these days but it is my clear intention to create deeply transformative spaces where you can truly feel held and in the company of your tribe.A true safe container where you can be held, seen, and anchored in the frequency of your soul tribe

“Delphine is a truly gifted healer and modern-day Oracle with the ability to offer deep insight into your soul’s essence, helping you to reconnect to your own inner knowing.

Her guidance takes you on a journey of deep personal transformation and personal freedom.
Delphine offers healing at soul level, bringing about a greater sense of balance, self-care, and confidence.
An inspired teacher, her supportive and nourishing approach to her clients is truly a gift to yourself.”

Denise Mansbard

"Delphine is a true modern day Oracle holding the torch of the Divine Feminine ways of seeing, feeling and knowing.

She enlivens the sacred in her own life, and is able to see beyond the veils into soul dimensions.
Delphine has a strong gift to see deeply into others and her oracle readings will inspire, nourish, and mirror your essence.
Her warm compassionate heart, wise being, oracular transmissions and fierce commitment to her soul path, is an inspiration for modern day women of our time."

Nicole Hemmer, author Soul on Fire

You are met exactly where you are on your own path, seen and welcomed as the divine being that you are in a loving, safe temple space.

Through her channellings, her healings and her teachings, Delphine is a alchemical guide along the journey bringing you to a place of sacred embodiment.

Aodoin Hathaway
Dances with Dragons

The journey through the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine with Delphine and the Sisters of the Rose I met in the Temple of Magdalene each week, has been a truly magical, empowering and beautiful experience.
With the powerful channeling of messages from Mary Magdalene and the divine activations by Delphine each week, I met Spirit Guides and Goddesses on Heaven and on Earth in Sacred Temple Space. Each time, I truly felt seen, heard, held and reborn...a rebirth not only from the Sacred Womb, but also from the Sacred Heart.

Dj Reyes