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I am truly passionate about the Oracle Path as I have had to learn to go beyond many ancient fears to really reclaim this ancient gift and come forth with a burning desire to share it with the world.

The Oracle path is about learning to Know Thyself, to access the highest level of truth available to us in every moment. With the Oracle path, we are listening for the voice of the soul and the wisdom of the heart.


The Oracle path runs deep in my veins for I continue to remember walking this path many times before this life time. I choose not to describe myself as a psychic because the term remains too loose in regards to what service is being provided and the quality of the information being delivered.

There are indeed some amazing psychic professionals. There are also, like in any professions, others who are not so well trained to master psychic abilities and true intuition.

Some psychics however will merely read your mind and make projections for your future based on what they see as your hopes, dreams and fears which can easily create self-fulfilling prophecies. Clients can also get disappointed or disillusioned after having many psychic readings and not experiencing much change in their life as they do not have the know how to create lasting transformation. 

Oracles, on the other hand and as I see it, have a specific purpose and training to use their psychic abilities in order to become the purest channel of higher guidance that is possible at any given moment. Oracles are messengers of the soul and here to empower and help clients to re-align to their soul path.

To serve as an Oracle requires, as I was taught by mentor, the wonderful angel medium Birkan Tore, to be a dedicated and disciplined student on the spiritual path.

An Oracle must train to be an empty vessel, and to know herself by navigating her shadow landscape and emotional wounding.

An Oracle must also practice connecting to her True Self, as a soul light and child of the divine. Hence the famous words of the Oracle of Delphi to Socrate, ''Know Thyself''.

The Oracle path requires diligence to continuously clear oneself  of any mental, emotional and spiritual statics that will blur our vision. Higher intuition which goes way beyond the mind needs to be developed and refined through practices that nourishes, clear, and strengthen the energy body and the subtle bodies.

It is therefore my intention with the Oracle session to bring forth divine guidance of the highest possible quality and for the highest good of the person seeking the reading and the highest good of all.

My intention is to support your own inner knowing and to bring forth guidance that can help you take the next step on your soul journey.  If you want to know more about an Oracle session with me please see below..

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