Mary Magdalene Journey 

The return of the Feminine christ 

Reconnecting the wisdom and healing power of the Divine Feminine


Online course to heal your
Body Mind & Soul 
Open Your Heart to Love
 through Divine Guidance, Spiritual Healing and Protection

Oracular Transmissions
Guided Visualisation And Healing Meditation
Sacred Feminine Wisdom Teaching & Practices
A Supportive And Loving Group Environment


 The Magdalene Journey is an invitation to enter and deepen into the Feminine Mysteries. 

The Feminine Mysteries encompass the Sacred Teaching from the Divine Mother that have been held by wise women & priestesses across many traditions throughout time to support Women during their earth walk.


Beloved Ascend Master Mary Magdalene has become a very active Spiritual Guide for those who hold a strong Divine Feminine energy within their soul.


Mary Magdalene is the torch holder for the feminine Christ holding the Codes of Love for the creation of a new paradigm, known as the Age of Aquarius.

She has come forward to support women in particular who are in the process of reclaiming their spiritual authority and healing their relationship to their body + sexual energy.



 The purpose of the Magdalene Journey is to heal the clutches of shame, guilt + disconnection to the Sacred Feminine, the body, and to our sexuality that have their roots in the shadow aspect of religion and in the old Patriarchal paradigm.

The Magdalene journey  aims at restoring  integrity to the Body Mind & Soul through Spiritual Protection, Divine Blessing of Love, Purity and Liberation.



Is the wisdom of the Feminine calling you heart?


☥ Do you find yourself wishing you loved your body more and listned to its wisdom more easily?

☥  Do you find it difficult to create intimacy in your relationships or to attract a romantic relationship?

 ☥ Do you want to heal from loss, heartbreak, betrayal and fear of abandonment or jealousy in your relationships?

☥  Do you ou want to shift out of self doubt and smallness within yourself, your realtionships, and your life?

☥  Do you want to learn about sacred sexuality to cultivate your sexual energy for more radiance and juiciness in your life?

☥ Do you want to get more clarity on your soul path and strengthen your feminine intuition?

☥ Do you want to connect with soul sisters and feel safe to be yourself within a community of kindred spirits.

☥Are you attracted to spirituality in its feminine expression through creativity, movement, connecting with others, noursihing and being nourished?

  The Magdalene Journey includes



🌹Opening to the Feminine Christ and the Codes of Love for the New Golden Age


🌹Connecting with Mary Magdalene through guided meditations + oracular transmissions.


🌹 Developing your unique relationship with Mary Magdalene beyond stories and projections from the Collective.


🌹Receiving energy healing through Mary Magdalene and other Higher Beings of Unconditional Love.


🌹Healing your sexuality including the shame guilt and trauma that often run through our ancestral lineage.


🌹Clearing your womb space of past lovers and other trauma.


🌹Discovering powerful sacred feminine practices to unleash your radiance and increase your pleasure capacity.


🌹Learning to nourish, restore and cultivate a healthy pool of sexual energy, connecting with your womb and feminine organs.



Practical Details

Mary Magdalene Journey

Connect with the Ascended Master of Alchemy
Experience the healing power of Divine Love


12 weeks Online Journey  

☥ We meet every Monday Night at 8pm Central European time;
7pm Uk time;2 pm EST

☥ There are two breaks during the 12 weeks- a total of 10 classes.

☥ Each session is 2 hours online zoom- sessions are recorded

☥ You do not need any previous experience in Divine Feminine work

☥ Each week, we work through different aspects of the sacred feminine that needs attention, healing, integration and empowerment as per the needs of the group and spiritual guidance.

☥ We will reflect, exchange, and be together in supportive sacred space.

£333 for the course; payment plan available