The Monthly Ceremony

- My monthly circle

The Monthly Ceremony includes:

  • The astrology of the NEW and FULL l Moon:

    taking the pulse of the cosmic planetary dance

  • Oracle transmission:

    receiving channeled messages from Higher Guidance from a particular Spirit Guide, Goddess, Ascended Masters or from a larger group consciousness.

  • Oracle Card readings
  • Meditative/ feminine movement /breathing practices
  • Receiving Healing, releasing any stuck/ stagnant, activating our multi-dimensional expression staying aligned with our Soul path and Divine Light mission
  • Manifestation, using the powerful energising effect of the Full Moon to support our heart’s desires/ vision/ sou led goals/ intentions
  • Nurturing, Connecting and Empowering each other.
  • Working with Alana Fairchild’s Isis channeled template from her Saraswati Modality (of which I have been a fully licensed practitioner for several years)