Shifting from fear based living to Love

Shifting from a fear based reality to one anchored deep in love and trust is the key to stepping out of the third dimensional frequency.

Within this lower vibrational reality, the dominant energy is based on separation conciseness.

Separation consciousness is furthermore anchored in the programming that has human beings truly believe that have been forsaken by the Divine and that life is based on survival mechanisms.

There is not enough to go around; danger lures all around us and therefore our nervous systems are always on high alert; flight, fight or freeze.

Separation consciousness signifies that human beings have forgotten the divinity within and the connection to Source; Power over others is the mode of operation in order, of course, to survive.

With such a potent programming in place, there is no wonder that we are deeply anchored in the energy of fear, which the opposite in frequency to Love.

Facing and transforming fear is not simply about a radical bold step where we just ‘’ feel the fear and do it anyway’’ but most often it is a messy unpredictable chaotic process that ends up breaking us open.

These storms in our lives are freeing us from all that which is holding us from feeling more of alive, free to express our soul in its full glory.

This is not to say that we need to lose ourselves in unnecessary suffering but rather learn to flourish in the muddy waters of our life experience.

It is a committed choice to say yes to receiving life in all its various flavours and shades.

We need the contrast that comes from all the colour of the emotional rainbow to know and discover the heart deepest desires and what matters most.

If that comes with wave of difficult emotions, tears, anger, exhaustion, longing, allowing ourselves to embrace, welcome, love all of it is the doorway to receive the most mysterious gifts and blessings that the divine is dying to unleash in our heart and life.

YES, say YES to all of it.

Soften, soften even more and even more

if you dont soften, if you want to battle against it, then love that too

until surrender washes of over you.

blessed it be.