The Perfection of this NOW moment

You are invited to come back to the perfection of this NOW moment.

We do not dismiss the emotional pain that are attached to certain situations yet we offer you the chance to activate a higher perspective and enter the inner sanctuary of your divine self.

We know that there is a sacred longing in your heart to live with more ease and more beauty.

This longing comes from the remembering of our true nature and the true purpose of the Earth, which was intended as a sacred garden of the universe, a place a majestic beauty where all beings could come nourish and restore themselves, staying connected to source whilst in material form.

Despite the attempts by those whose interests where not to serve Love, fabricating a matrix of struggle and lack to keep us veiled from the original plan, we keep in the core of cellular memory the template for this beautiful Eden. Feeling something amiss we are for ever seeking to this lost paradise, just as we seek the kiss of our Beloved lover and sacred union.


It is not that we are misleading ourselves or unappreciative of the blessings bestowed upon us in our everyday but rather that there is an unshakable knowing of what we came to experience, just like the unshakable knowing of the existence of true love.

At times, this can get somewhat confusing as we bump against the discomfort of feeling that we are not quite there yet, in the making of our dream life and that paradise continues to escape us just like sand disappearing from the strong hold of our hands. This longing is however utterly precious, as it has been seeded in the heart of the visionaries that need not settle for a mere appearance of success and having it all in the current paradigm. Bless these unsettled feelings and challenges! Are they not moving you forward every time? 

But let us not forget that the journey to higher timelines and the magnificence of Heaven on Earth, is indeed an inward journey, a deep recalibration that is shifting our entire energetic make up beyond what we can comprehend. 

The sacred garden of our lives, lies in our capacity to soften and allow ourselves to be transformed beyond the form of our outer life. This should not be seen as a contradiction with the need to create, in the world of form, the beautiful communities and structures that will birth the Golden Age but we do so by allowing the shift to happen in the inner planes. It is truly in the discovery of JOY beyond our current circumstances that we can manifest that which we long for so deeply. In this Joy lies the plans for the new foundations.

In the Higher realms, we are already loved and supported beyond what we can really understand but we must let that goodness flow into us and let go, once and for all of the reins. 

And this is not easy for the fear that we will not achieve the higher timelines, that we know are available to us, can be frightening. We know that living as we did before is not an option anymore and that what we aspire for is too is great and powerful to be left dormant.

But the lesson here is that there is beauty in what is already there. Look no further to where you are now as a template for great Joy. Transform everything that is not of the highest vibration into light and experience your own paradise in the depth of your Golden Heart. 

There is purpose and pure potential in everything, in your circumstance and your perceived limitations. It is only trapped energy waiting to be alchemised for the good of all and for the magic to be revealed. 

Be with what is fully, whole heartedly, and be that JOY. The mystery of your destiny unfolds from that place and ends up taking you to those places and people you did not know where waiting for you.

We are not defeated, we are not lost, we are not struggling, we are merely being stretched and initiated back to a new level of aliveness and presence. There is power and soul forging just like children who grow into true adulthood and can finally claim the freedom they longed for!