Delphine 2021

Elevate Your Life

Shift from fear based separation consciouness into Love, Joy, Peace & Abudance

Awaken to Love and Embody your Greatness

There is no better time than now to heal, transform, grow and awaken the love within

The earth has chosen to go through an accelerated process of evolution and we have chosen to be alive at this incredible time to be the visionaries, entrepreneurs, creative, and heart centred light leaders of the new paradigm.

As a way shower and catalyst for change on soul level, I am here to guide and facilitate this process for those who are ready to quantum leap into this new paradigm. 

It is time for your to SHINE unapologetically, to say yes to who you came here to be. 

Divine Feminine Channelled Transmission & Akashic Records

A Divine Feminine Channelled transmission is a fully immersive experience that allows you to activate the healing power and wisdom of the Feminine within your body-mind-soul.

It is both for those who are new to the Divine Feminine embodiment and those who have already seasoned within the Path of Love- Wisdom. 

Each Divine Feminine channelled transmission is uniquely tailored to help further reclaim and open up to the magic of the Feminine within your unique soul path.

Each client is free to bring a particular focus to the session which can be related to any area of life or to simply receive with no particular focus point.

Typically the Channelled Transmission  can help you with:

  • Feeling more connected with your own body and increase your sense of self love
  • Releasing the grip of shame, guilt, and heartbreak from your body-mind-soul
  • Experience a deeper sense of trust with your own innate wisdom
  • Feel enlivened and ready to take the next step on your soul journey
  • Give you clarity and a renewed sense of your own unique truth
  • Develop a connection with goddesses and other spirit guides that support the divine feminine awakening at this time
  • Receive light codes that will help you activate your divine blue print in connection with the Current great awakening
Delphine 2021