Coaching & Healing

Clear the fog

Release blockages

re-align to your deeper truth

Reconnect to your Source 

Align and Embody

Empowered Truth for Sacred rebels

I have created this clarity package in response to the current quantum shift in the evolution of consciousness happening on the earth plane.

The collective is in turmoil but for those of us who are taking this tidal wave as an opportunity to free ourselves, now more than ever we need to stay deeply anchored in our authentic truth.

Many of my clients are needing real-life, practical yet truly divinely guided support to help them stay aligned with their highest selves and heart's desires.


Coaching & Healing with the Goddess

You will get 5 * 60 minutes sessions with me to be used over 3 months or as a mini intensive over 2 days.

You can choose to use the sessions for a mini-intensive when you need an energetic shift around a particularly acute issue or you can use them as and when needed over the three months period.

You will receive Intuitive Guidance which included Akashic Records reading for healing and alignment with your soul path

These mini-coaching sessions are here to help you at the soul level and to support you in effectively becoming the highest expression of yourself in every moment.

It presupposes that you are willing to take responsibility for you life as a creator and that you are ready and willing to implement changes or to work through blocks and limitations that may keep you from embodying your highest level expression.