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Intuitive Guidance

Clarity, Wisdom & Inspiration

This is for you if:

​You want to access wise, unconditionally loving guidance from your Higher Self and Spiritual guides.

You need clarity to help you with difficult decisions and make changes in your life that are aligned with your authentic self.

You need help to uncover what might be blocking your way to achieving your heart’s desires, health, or abundance.

You are willing to take responsibility for yourself and believe that you have the power to co-create with life. Please note that these readings are not primarily predictive but focused on SOUL growth to help you align to your highest potential in every moment. 

This sacred offering is not for you

  1. If you are not receptive and open to higher guidance.

  2. if you believe that you have no control over your life.

  3. if you are not willing to change.

I offer 15 minutes for £60; 30 minutes for £120 and 45 minutes for £180

Healing Sessions

Releasing and Energizing

You may seek healing for:

  • to help with a physical condition including a lack of energy and chronic issues.
  • to help with emotional, psychological/mental challenges from depression, grief, anger/ resentment, trauma insomnia, addictions, and more.
  • to help with ancestral patterns when difficulties are held within the family line.
  • Spiritual when you are going through a dark night of the soul, feeling lost, numb, or disconnected from your life purpose.

Healing is seeking wholeness and therefore we need to work with the root of any issue. Sometimes, this can be different from what you think or expect but is what will get the ball rolling.

This is why the healing sessions are uniquely tailored to your specific need. They can include any of the following approaches:

  1. Pranic Healing, a highly advanced form of energy healing and fast-growing modality that uses Prana or the life force around us to heal the body on all levels.

  2. Spiritual channelled Healing involves the channeling of higher frequencies such as angelic frequencies to harmonize, cleanse, and energize the physical, etheric, mental/ emotional, and spiritual bodies.

  3. Homeopathy, a safe, gentle but complete system of medicine that seeks to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism to restore wholeness.

Packages for new clients and bundle sessions please inquire

Coaching Session

Live your Soul, not a Role

Do you have that feeling that there is more to your life than what’s going on now?

Maybe you feel pulled by an invisible thread towards that something that feels expansive, joyful, connected? 

You might have a vision or a dream of how you would love your life to look like and how you would like to contribute to this world?

And at the same time, you may find that you struggle to get the important stuff done.

You find it hard to move forward and make your dream a reality.

You may be overwhelmed by the free offerings, masterclass, self-development protocols on offer, not knowing what will work for you, or if anything will work at all.

Maybe you have done so much to grow yourself and yet do not seem to get the results you hoped for.

I am with you and I am here to help you to stay aligned with your soul plan and get you to do what matters and let go of what will take you awarenesses from your bliss and your purpose. 

  1. I am here to help your listen deeply and stay accountable to your highest self.

  2. I am here to offer you a road map to your destiny.

  3. We work out the strategies, tools, structure that work for you

  4. we integrate the feminine, respecting cycles, rest and nourishment so you can create smart and on purpose.

Intuitive Coaching requires a commitment to work for a minimum of 3 months.


Coaching + Healing Packages available please inquire

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Should I have a healing or a reading first?
In most healing arts and ancient cultures, the first step to healing was divination.
The shaman or medicine woman would ask for higher guidance to determine the root cause of an illness or a difficulty.
In modern Medicine, we also have diagnosis before a treatment is offered.
Whilst I do not give medical diagnosis, a reading is certainly a valuable help to see the big picture of your life and often the best starting place.
Whatever you choose though, will be perfectly fine.
Is distant healing as efficient as seeing you in person?
Yes absolutely and offer the benefit of being in the comfort of your own home.
Energy healing and distant healing is based on the principle of interconnectedness and the principle of directability.
The principle of interconnectedness means that the energy bodies of the patient and the client are also part of the earth field and therefore client and patient are connected in the same way as a telephone line would connect them.
The principle of directability means that the Pranic Healing energy follows where thoughts or intention is focused
What questions can I ask during an intuitive reading?
Most questions are welcome although it is helpful to learn to ask the right questions. I will help with the process during the session.
Generally clients ask guidance to help resolve difficulties/ challenges in their current life circumstances or with their emotional life.
My clients are often walking a spiritual path and therefore also seek soul guidance to help align with their highest self and live a creative + on purpose life.
Questions can be ask about relationships and the guidance will come in integrity with the privacy of others.
What is the difference between an intuitive reading and coaching?
An intuitive reading is a like a laser beam which brings down higher guidance to help you get clarity on your burning questions and receive other insights.
Coaching is about implementing and integrating the guidance into your life. 
Coaching is more practical and geared at helping you stay on track with your sacred purpose or healing process to avoid unnecessary detours on your path.
Most of my clients enjoy coaching and getting the intuitive support to create a plan that suits their unique make up.

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