Heal & Elevate Your Life

The World needs your Beauty, Magic and Unique Gifts now

Awaken to Love and Embody your Greatness

There is no better time than now to heal, expand your consciousness and awaken the love within

The earth has chosen to go through an accelerated process of evolution and we have chosen to be alive at this incredible time to become the light leaders, the way showers, the visionaries, the entrepreneurs, creative, mothers/ fathers for the new paradigm.

As a way shower and catalyst for change on soul level, I am here to guide and facilitate this process for those who are ready at soul level to quantum leap into a new timeline.

It is time for your to SHINE unapologetically, to say yes to who you came here to be. 

Here you find an overview of ways you can work with me




1:1 Divine Feminine Intuitive Session

Expanding into your authentic self and reclaiming sovereignty demands that we open up fully to the Divine Feminine.

It is often the missing key.

A Divine Feminine channelled session is a very unique experience where you can rapidly experience the healing power and wisdom of the feminine. In addition you will receive soul guidance from the Record Keepers and Master Teachers of your Akashic Records.

a 60 minute fully comprehensive session that will rapidly up level your state of consciousness and wellness

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Coaching + Healing Package 4 sessions

These mini coaching sessions are here to help you at soul level and to support you in effectively becoming the highest expression of yourself in every moment. It presupposes that you are willing to take responsibility for you life as a creator and that you are ready and willing to implement changes or to work through blocks and limitations that may keep you from embodying your highest level expression.



Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring

Do you have that feeling that there is more to your life than what you have been experiencing so far?
Do you feel pulled by an invisible thread towards that something more expansive and beautiful?Do you carry within you a vision of what you feel is possible for the new earth?
Do you want to make an impact in your own sphere of influence or even bigger ?And at the same time, you may find that you struggle to get the important stuff done. You find it hard to move forward and make your dream a reality.You may be overwhelmed by the free offerings, masterclass, self-developmenent protocols on offer, not knowing what will work for you, or if anything will work at all.

Maybe you have done so much to grow yourself and yet do not seem to get the results you hoped for.

I am with you and I am here to help you to stay aligned with your soul plan and get you to do what matters and let go of what will take you awarenesses from your bliss and your purpose. 

“Delphine is a truly gifted healer and modern-day Oracle with the ability to offer deep insight into your soul’s essence, helping you to reconnect to your own inner knowing.

Her guidance takes you on a journey of deep personal transformation and personal freedom.
Delphine offers healing at soul level, bringing about a greater sense of balance, self-care, and confidence.
An inspired teacher, her supportive and nourishing approach to her clients is truly a gift to yourself.”

Denise Mansbard

"Delphine is a true modern day Oracle holding the torch of the Divine Feminine ways of seeing, feeling and knowing.

She enlivens the sacred in her own life, and is able to see beyond the veils into soul dimensions.
Delphine has a strong gift to see deeply into others and her oracle readings will inspire, nourish, and mirror your essence.
Her warm compassionate heart, wise being, oracular transmissions and fierce commitment to her soul path, is an inspiration for modern day women of our time."

Nicole Hemmer, author Soul on Fire

You are met exactly where you are on your own path, seen and welcomed as the divine being that you are in a loving, safe temple space.

Through her channellings, her healings and her teachings, Delphine is a alchemical guide along the journey bringing you to a place of sacred embodiment.

Aodoin Hathaway
Dances with Dragons

The journey through the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine with Delphine and the Sisters of the Rose I met in the Temple of Magdalene each week, has been a truly magical, empowering and beautiful experience.
With the powerful channeling of messages from Mary Magdalene and the divine activations by Delphine each week, I met Spirit Guides and Goddesses on Heaven and on Earth in Sacred Temple Space. Each time, I truly felt seen, heard, held and reborn...a rebirth not only from the Sacred Womb, but also from the Sacred Heart.

Dj Reyes